"My experience at the clinic was pleasant. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. Thank you!"

"I went to a different place once before, and they were not nice, so when I came here I was scared and expected the same thing. WOW was I surprised! The staff was great! Every one treated me so great! Like I was really special. They really cared about me! Listen girlfriends, if you need an abortion, don't be afraid to go to this office! They are great people who really care, and treat you really great!"

"I am in an older age group, felt really embarrassed, and ashamed that I had gotten pregnant at "my age". The person who made my appointment on the phone was great. Patient and listened to my concerns. That person started me on the path that I knew I was going to the right office. Sure enough. I was treated with respect. No One was judgmental, and I mean NO ONE! Thank you all so very much for getting me through something I thought I would never have to do. So many thanks!"

"My very young daughter, who had never been to the doctor for a gyn exam, found herself pregnant. We made an appointment, went in, and my daughter did nothing but cry, and fought me the whole time we were in the office. One of the nurses took her aside. Talked with her, explained everything to her, even offered for her to leave the office and think about her decision a little longer. My daughter was just really scared. The nurse told her, that she would be with her mom through the procedure, and that she would get her through it. She did. Actually, my daughter doesn't have any memory of the actual procedure. Thank you all nurses and doctor!"

"Oh my god. I was so scared! My girlfriend went somewhere else where they didn't give her anything like that gas and sedation. She said it was awful. I was so scared. The nurse gave me the gas to breath, I got a shot in my vein, and the next thing I remember saying, "when will it be over"? When the nurse told me it was all done, I said no, it couldn't be, I don't even remember anything! Are you sure? Everyone go to this place, they are great!"

"I have driven by other facilities where there were picketers holding up very scary signs! I was afraid I would experience this too. I felt so relieved when I got right off the highway, and found that office, right in the middle if a neighborhood, in the suburbs. A beautiful, comfortable, modern building sitting in a wooded setting. There are homes all around the area. No picketers! Very comfortable setting. Thank You!"

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